оригинал стандарта породы пекинес 1916 г - Мой Пекинес

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The Pekingese Dog Breed Standard of 1916

The standard of perfection as recognized by Judges and the Pekingese Club of America is as follows:
1st Expression- Must suggest the Chinese origin of the Pekingese in its quaintness and individuality, resemblance to the Lion indirectness and independence and should imply courage, boldness, self esteem and combatants, rather than prettiness, daintiness or delicacy.

2nd Head. Massive broad skull, wide and flat between the ears (not domed shape), wide between the eyes.

3rd Nose.Black, broad, very short and flat.

4th Eyes.Large, dark, prominent, round and lustrous.

5th Stop.Deep.

6th Ears. Heart shaped, not set too high, leather never long enough to come below the muzzle, not carried erect, but rather dripping, long feather.

7th Muzzle. Very short and broad, not underhund nor pointed, wrinkled.

8th Mane. Profuse, extending beyond shoulder blades, forming ruff or frill round front of neck.

9th Shape of body.Heavy in front, broad chest falling away lighter, lion-like and not too long in the body.

10th Coat, feather and condition. Long with thick undercoat, straight and flat, not curly nor waive, rather course but soft, feather on thighs, legs, tail and toes long and profuse.

11th Color. All colors are allowable, Red, Fawn, Black, Black and Tan, Sable, Brindle, White, and Parti-Colored, black masks and spectacles around eyes, with lines to ears are desirable.

12th Legs. Short, forelegs heavy, bowed out at elbows, hind legs lighter but firm and well shaped.

13th Feet. Flat, not round, should stand well up on toes, not on ankles.

14th Tail. Curled and carried well up on the longs, long, profuse, straight feather.

15th Size. Being a toy dog the smaller the better, provided type and points are not sacrificed; anything over 18 lbs. must disqualify. When divided by weight classes should be over 10 lbs. and under 10 lbs.

16th Action. Free, strong and high, crossing feet or thawing them out in running should not take off marks. We a knees of joints hold be penalized.
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